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Latest News Releases From Our Business Partners

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How Rayven Clothing Captured the UK Motorcycle Market

Shared by Motorcycle Clothing | Finest in Motorcycle Clothes - Two-Up Bikes

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Ask the average motorbike rider what they deem to be the most important, and you can bet the bike itself will be at the top of the list. A motorbike needs to be reliable, but it certainly also helps if it has a little bit of flash, too. Aesthetics are important in the biking world, which may help explain why motorcycle clothing and accessories are also very high on the importance list for riders. There are countless manufacturers out there, but it is Rayven Clothing who have quickly become the clothing and accessory maker of choice for riders in the UK.

When Rayven Clothing opened their doors back in 1994, they did so with the goal of providing motorcycle clothing that looked great while being affordable. Each piece would employ quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards possible. Their plans could best be described as lofty at best, but the fact that they are now considered one of the best manufacturers of motorcycle clothing and accessories in the UK tells you that they have been able to deliver the goods on their promises.

Rayven Clothing has made it easy to get your hands on their amazing products by offering up an online catalog, as well as selling their goods through selected third-party motorcycle stores across the UK. One of the things that make their !!<motorcycle clothing so good is that Rayven Clothing offers multiple options in each of their categories. For example, if you are interested in getting a pair of high-quality riding gloves, you can choose between summer and waterproof gloves, giving you an option for all seasons and riding conditions.

Besides making clothes that look great and meet all safety standards, Rayven Clothing also has practicality in mind in all their items. Pockets are strategically placed in jackets and trousers in areas that are easy to reach, while padding and stitching are strengthened in areas of the clothing to make for a more comfortable fit. Comfort is incredibly important to the average rider, especially those who spend a lot of time on their bikes riding to and from work or traveling the country.

While the average motorbike rider requires clothing for safety purposes when on their bike, it’s also nice to have motorcycle clothing that you can also wear once the ride is over. Rayven Clothing makes a line of motorcycle trousers and leather jackets that can very much be considered dual purpose in that they are strong enough for the road, but also stylish enough to wear out and about when not riding. This is particularly true of the leather jackets that Rayven make, all of which look great on or off a motorbike.
Rayven Clothing makes garments that are perfect for the casual rider, as well as for the seasoned pro, and all at price points guaranteed to suit any budget. The perfect blend of style and practicality, Rayven Clothing manufactures items that fit with the credo they established when they first started in the motorcycle clothing industry.

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Latest News Releases From Our Business Partners

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